Grand Cayman 2014 

Ritz-Carlton Residences
(through Exclusive Resorts)

October 5-12, 2014

  Peggy Martin, Pat Alt, and Nancy at Miami IAP -- headed to Grand Cayman.

  View from the pool of our Villa Number 16.

 Living Room.

  One of four master bedrooms.

 Master bath.

  The private pool.

Our golf carts -- for trips to the hotel and beach.

  Pat Alt and Peggy Martin in the dining room.

  Peggy at the Ritz-Carlton pool bar/cafe, Bar Jack.

The Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman -- Bar Jack by the pool.

  Nancy and Russ at Bar Jack.

  Peggy and husband Ben Hord.

Main pool at the Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman.  We had use of all hotel facilities.

  This is a beautiful resort!

  Fabulous Seven Mile Beach.

  Peggy and Nancy in the private pool.

  Nancy and Russ.

  Nancy enjoying a great Paraduxx Howell Mountain wine.

 The pool at night.

  And in the day.  Huge iguanas all over.

  Nancy waiting for lunch.

  Russ, Nancy, Pat, and Joe Alt at the Foster's grocery store -- really nice.

  Fixing lunch in the kitchen while Russ and Ben work.

  Lunch on the patio.

  Peggy at lunch.

Nancy with her wine -- heading for the pool.

  The girls enjoying the private pool.

  The girls watching the Redskins football game in the living room.

  At the pool the next morning.

  Nice rosť for lunch on the patio.

  Nancy and Peggy relaxing in the pool.

  Nancy chilling out.

  One of many iguanas on the property -- this is a big one.

  To George Town for lunch at Guy Harvey's.

  A stop by the wine store to replenish the supply.

Nancy and Ben waiting for lunch to be served.

Peggy the cook.

  Ben and Peggy relaxing after lunch.

  Nancy and Russ in the pool.

Our trip to Hell, Cayman Islands.

  Nancy in Hell (as you'd expect, lots of t-shirt shops).

  Lunch at Macabuca Oceanside Bar and Grill.

  Our group at lunch – Fish and Chips, of course–.

  Our last day at the beach at the Ritz.

  Lunch at Bar Jack's again – first day and last.

  Peggy enjoying Bar Jack's.


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