Washington, DC
Charlottesville, Virginia

National Conclave and Meeting
May 4-8, 2011

President Thomas Jefferson, the consummate Virginian, and his lovely home, Monticello near Charlottesville in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Welcome Knights and Gentle Ladies from all over America to our 2011 Conclave and Meeting

  Nancy with California buddies Peter and Stephanie Bosco (Lake Tahoe Chapter) at the C&O Restaurant in Charlottesville.

 Add to that Buddy (National Grand Vice Commander) and Trish Hagner from Houston.

 Russ (Master Vice Commander, Nation's Capital Chapter) – the guy who still likes tall blonds.

 A little more honest pic with the bartender – still tall.

 Nancy with Trish Hagner (Master Treasurer, Houston Chapter).

 Walter Rachele (Nation's Capital Chapter, Master Heralder) pours while the bartender enviously watches.

 Stephanie Bosco (Lake Tahoe Chapter) with KOV First Lady, Linda McClerrey (Monterey Peninsula Chapter).

 Russ with Linda and Stephanie.

 Nancy with local buddies Joe (Master Exchequer, Nation's Capital Chapter) and Pat Alt.

 Peter and Stephanie Bosco with a toast.

 Russ and Nancy.

 KOVers from across the country joins in a wonderful Charlottesville dinner at the C&O Restaurant.

Nancy at Thomas Jefferson's Monticello.  Feel the power.

Stephanie enjoying the sun at the DoubleTree Hotel in Charlottesville.

  Nancy and Linda at the Assemblage at Monticello.

  Nancy at the Montpelier Wine Festival with Pat and Dr. Tony.

  Add Buddy and Trish.

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