August 16-26, 2012

Monte Carlo, Monaco; St Tropez, France; Bonifacio, Corsica, France; Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy; Trapani, Italy; Xlendi, Gozo, Malta; Valletta, Malta; Lipari, Italy; Sorrento, Italy; Ponza, Italy; Civitavecchia, Italy

Our Pre-Cruise Stay in Monte-Carlo

British Airways Boeing 777, Dulles IAP to London Heathrow in Club World.

  Nancy enjoying BA's Club World accommodations.

  Almost there!

  Heli Air Monaco from Nice Côte d'Azur airport to Monte Carlo.

  Nancy playing co-pilot.

  Our destination, the Riviera Marriott, Cap d'Ail.

  The heliport in Monaco.

On the way: Two days in Monte Carlo at the
Riviera Marriott Hotel La Porte de Monaco


  Nancy enjoying an after-travel glass of wine at the Riviera Marriott.

  View from our Room 904.

Nancy and Russ at the "Billionaire's Bar" at the Fairmont Monte Carlo, Bottle of Tattinger Champagne = 120 Euros.

  The lobby bar at the Fairmont Monte Carol -- What a view!

  Nancy and Russ at the Lobby Bar at sunset.

  The famous Casino of Monte Carlo.

  The Hotel de Paris and the American Bar -- our next stop.

  Lobby of the Hotel de Paris.

  Leaving the Marriott for the Village of Eze, France.

  Nearing sunset at the lovely La Chèvre d'Or ***** in Eze, France.  Check it out in the movie "Bucket List."

Nancy on her way to Eden Restaurant at La Chèvre d'Or  for dinner and a spectacular view.

Russ and Nancy at Les Ramparts for cocktails before dinner.

  It doesn't get much better -- champagne in the lovely La Chèvre glass -- what a view

  Our table at Eden -- it was a VERY special evening!  We can check one off OUR "bucket list."

The cruise -- coming next!

The Legend – as beautiful as she was in ten years ago!

 Back in Suite 228 – same cabin as in 2002.

  Nancy just after boarding Seabourn Legend in Monte Carlo.

Still docked in Monte Carlo, we met Joëlle Lupien and Brian Lane, lawyers from Montreal.  We had a great time with them on the entire cruise and hope to visit them in Canada.

  Nancy with the lovely Fairmont Monte Carlo in the background.  It was a Loewes the first time we stayed there, then the Monte Carlo Grand Hotel when we were there for New Year's Eve, 1999.

  Sail-Away party upon departure from Monte Carlo.

  Nancy at the Sail-Away party.

  Seabourn Legend anchored off Saint Tropez.

  Nancy on the Quay overlooking Saint Tropez.

  Nancy in downtown Saint Tropez -- good shopping!

  Russ and Nancy at lunch in the harbor -- pizza.

 Lovely yachts in the Saint Tropez harbor.

  Finding a parking space for the car.

  Nancy and Russ boarding the launch back to the ship.

  Silver Wind docked in Saint Tropoez harbor next to out ship,.  She has about twice the passengers -- chartered to Herbalife Corp.

  Seabourn flag on the bow.

  Russ and Nancy with Captain Dag Dvergastein, Master of Seabourn Legend, at the Captain's Gala Reception.

  Lovely Bonifacio, Corsica -- our last stop in France.

Nancy in the harbor.

  A view of the old medieval city in the background.

  The B-52 Bar in Bonifacio -- how appropriate.

  Nancy and Russ at lunch in Bonifacio.

  Leaving the harbor on our tender heading back to Seabourne Legend at anchor.

  An abandoned French Foreign Legion barracks in Bonifacio, Corsica.  France's closed point to North Africa.

  Nancy at the Sky Bar preparing to arrive in Cagliari, Sandinia -- our first Italian stop.

  The terrific top side grill for lunch.  Great burgers and the like.

  Nancy in Cagliari, Sandinia.

  The Seabourn Legend docked in Cagliari.

  Lunch in Cagliari -- pizza of course!

  Russ and Nancy with the Wexford burgee aboard Seabourn Legend in Cagliari.

  At the Sky Bar enjoying yet another Champagne.

  Nancy in Trapani, Sicily along the beach.

  Lucy Malkin (from the UK), Russ, and Nancy in the Seabourn Legend Club.

 Tender into Mgarr, Gozo, Malta.

  Beautiful skyline of Gozo.

  Seabourn Legend anchored between Gozo and Comino islands, Malta.

  Winery in Gozo, how appropriate.

  Nancy and Russ on the sightseeing bus in Gozo.

  Lovely Red Beach in Gozo, Malta.

  Back to the ship by tender.

  Gala wine tasting with Seabourn Legend sommelier, Juan Tual -- six great wines.

  Lucky Russ with Nancy and Lucy at the Dancing Under the Stars.

  Going ashore in Valletta, Malta.

  Valletta looking toward Fort St. Elmo.

  Departing Malta with the Valletta pilot boat.

  Last look at Valletta, Malta -- on our way to Lipari, Italy, after crossing between the main land and the island of Sicily.

Stow away in our cabin upon our return from a lovely dinner topside.

  Nancy ashore on the island of Trapani, Italy.

  Seabourn Legend at anchor off Trapani.

  Lovely cafes at the port of Trapani.  Cute shops and restaurants on a very HOT day!

  Lunch at Cafe du Port  -- what else, pizza and vino.  Note Nancy wearing her shirt from Corsica.

  The Cathedral of Trapani -- up a hill of course.

  Tender back to the Legend for a shower and a drink at the Sky Bar.

 Nancy with Executive Chef de Cuisine, Franck Sollazzo (from Monte Carlo).

  Nancy and Russ aboard while passing the active Stromboli volcano.

  Beautiful rock formation along the coast of Ponza, Italy.

  With new friends from the UK, Elaine and Ian Logan and Lucy and Gary Malkin in Ponza.

  The harbor in Ponza.

  With our British friends for lunch in Ponza.

 The local beer with lunch.

  Last stop before reboarding the tender for the Legend.

  The mast of Seabourn Legend with Italian flag flying.

  The "Rock the Boat" outdoor barbecue and dance party.

  High living in Sorrento, Italy -- along the Amalfi coast.

  5-Star Excelsior Hotel in Sorrento.

  Elaine, Ian, Gary, and Lucy in Sorrento -- shopping.

  Nancy at the Limoncello factory.

  Royal Hotel in Sorrento.

  More hotels along the cliff with swimming pools at seaside.

  Dinner aboard in the Legend's "Restaurant 2," Lucy, Joëlle Lupien (from Montreal), Gary, Brian Lane (also Montreal), Russ, and Nancy.

Our Post-Cruise Stay in Rome

  The Colosseum, our first tourist stop in Rome.

  Nancy and Russ at the Colosseum.

  The Roman Forum.

  The Pantheon.

  Another view of the Pantheon.

  Nancy at the Trevi Fountain.

  Russ and Nancy at the Trevi Fountain -- yes, we threw in the coins.

  A better view without us in the way.

  Nancy with a great view of Rome from Gianicolo Hill.

  Windy but beautiful.

  Russ and Nancy at the famous Harry's Bar in Rome.

Interesting street-side restaurants along the Via Veneto -- food and service were great.

  The beautiful dome of St Peter's Basilica from the Vatican Museum.

  A portion of the Vatican Gardens.

  Nancy in St Peter's Square.

  The dome of St Peter's Basilica.

  Another look at the square.

  Rome from the rooftop restaurant in out hotel.  The famous Via Veneto below.

  A last stop at Harry's Bar for lunch -- conveniently right across the street from our hotel.

  Russ and Nancy at Harry's Bar.

  One last picture of the merry group in Rome: Gary, Lucy, Brian, Ian, Elaine, Joëlle, Nancy, and Russ.

On our way home -- stayed at the Heathrow Renaissance.  Right on the runway, but amazingly quiet.

  British Airways Boeing 777, London Heathrow to Dulles IAP in Club World.

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